Our Background

FinCredit Ltd (formerly AAR Credit Services Ltd) is a premier credit only micro-finance institution with operations in Kenya and Uganda. It started its operations in the year 2000 as a member of the AAR Group of Companies.

Over the years, the Company has registered tremendous growth through introduction of a wide-range of innovative and beneficial financial products targeting its diverse clientele. We are keen to enrich the lives of our customers and always go out of our way to customize our products to meet the specific needs of each of our customer. To us, every customer is unique and matters to us. We are also focused on growing our business through strategic partnerships which has helped us achieve tremendous growth over the years.

We have a team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals that are committed to provide excellent services to our customers. The company has invested heavily in ensuring that our staff team is abreast of developments in the market which is evident from our high rate of innovation.

FinCredit Ltd upholds the best practices in corporate governance. For instance, a majority of its directors are non-executive and are drawn from skilled and experienced business leaders. Further, the company has contracted the services of a reputable audit firm, Mazars (for more information regarding the firm please visit https://www.mazars.co.ke) as its internal auditor. On the other hand, external audits for the company are conducted by a global leading audit firm PKF Eastern Africa (for more information regarding PKF Eastern Africa, please visit https://www.pkfea.com).

We seek to improve the lives of our customers through provision of beneficial and innovative financial products.

To be the most admired financial services company in region.

We provide innovative and beneficial financial services that enrich the lives of our customers.




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